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Common Knee Pains and How To Treat Them

At Swift Pain Relief, we’re all too familiar with the constant struggle that comes with experiencing knee pains. From the most common knee pains such as popping and locking that results from worn down cartilage or strained ligaments. That’s why we’ve dedicated so much time to helping Swift Pain Relief users find the best ways to manage common knee pains. Here are a few common pains and how to treat them at home.

Common Knee Pains

Regardless of how you sustained your knee injuries, the most common symptoms typically stem from a lack of cartilage or damaged ligaments and tendons. These can happen due to events such as a sports related injury or simply due to old age. Whatever the case may be, there are three really common causes for knee pain.

Meniscus Tears

Your meniscus is the cartilage that cushions your knee and prevents the joints from grinding on each other. Unfortunately, this cartilage can be brittle, especially when it has already been damaged before meaning that meniscus tears can be a reoccurring problem. Meniscus tears can lead to secondary issues such as arthritis meaning that it can affect both younger and older individuals all the same.


As mentioned above, arthritis of the knee can affect just about anyone regardless of age. When you lose the cartilage between your joints, it can cause uncomfortable locking and grinding that can limit mobility and cause a great deal of discomfort.

Ligament Strains and Tears

Anyone who has ever competed in high impact sports such as football or soccer can probably attest to the severity of a ligament strain. When your ligaments and tendons are damaged around the knee it can be incredibly painful and will often leave you immobilized for weeks or even months.

Treating Your Knee Pains

While these common knee pains can be quite severe, there are ways to manage the pain and discomfort so that you can feel better on the day to day.


RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Easy to do at home and can help keep swelling and discomfort down.

Multi Stim TENS + EMS

A Multi Stim TENS + EMS device is an excellent pain management tool that allows you to stimulate the affected area with electric pulses and vibrations that disrupt pain signals as they move through the nervous system. Essentially you are tricking your brain into not responding to the pain signals caused by your knee pain.

Hot/Cold Treatments

Applying ice and heat to your knee can help manage swelling and discomfort caused by knee pains. Swelling is important to prevent because the extra fluids around your knee will limit mobility and increase discomfort.

Swift Pain Relief Multi Stim TENS + EMS Devices

Swift Pain Relief is a leading provider of Multi Stim TENS and EMS devices that are aimed at helping individuals just like you manage chronic and acute pains. Many people who experience knee pains caused by arthritis, sports injuries, and normal wear that comes with aging rely on our Multi Stim devices to provide instant, drug-free pain relief. You can browse our wide range of pain management products or learn more about TENs + EMS at Treat. Recover. Prevent.


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