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How To Treat Ankle Pain Effectively

Have you been experiencing chronic ankle pains?

Ankle pains are some of the most uncomfortable pains that you can experience and they greatly affect your ability to be mobile. From experience, we can tell you that ankle pains are no joke but luckily there are ways to manage the pain that are safe, time tested, and most importantly drug-free.

Managing Ankle Pains with TENS + EMS

Ankle pains can present themselves as stiffness, soreness, aching, popping, and discomfort. If you are noticing ankle pains, whether temporarily or chronically, it can be helpful to reduce pain levels immediately. With a multi-stim TENS + EMS device, you can greatly reduce the pains that you feel. Connect your multi-stim TENS + EMS device to the electrode pads and place the pads on your ankle. You can place electrodes pads in a few places: One pad on the right behind the ankle bone (outside of the leg) and the other on the front of the ankle One pad underneath the ankle bone and one pad above the ankle

Keeping Ankle Swelling Down with RICE

If you experience any swelling around the ankle, the lactic acid can limit mobility and cause quite a bit of discomfort as well. This is where the time tested RICE method comes in handy. RICE stands for:


R - Rest. You will want to get off of your feet. Park in bed or on the couch and stop walking, running, or exercising. Your body needs rest in order to recover so be sure to get plenty of rest.


I - Ice. When there is swelling, applying cold compresses to the affected area will help reduce pain and swelling. Place an ice pack on your ankles for about 15 minutes at a time with a 15 minute break in between. Do this 3 or more times a day until the swelling reduces.


C - Compress. Keeping a compression ankle wrap on hand can be very helpful for moments when you need to treat ankle pain effectively. A compression wrap for your ankle can keep swelling down and help retain mobility and comfort.


E - Elevate. Lastly, you want to be sure that you keep your ankle elevated above your body while you lay down and rest. If needed, place a stack of pillows at your feet and keep that ankle elevated while you watch TV and rest. It’s important to prevent lactic acid from pooling in your ankle and causing the swelling to go up.

HiDow Multi-Stim TENS + EMS Devices

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